jet oil

Oil Pumps

Race proven and track tested the "War Pump," is the finest oil pump on the market today. Cost effective and simple in design it sets the standard for all other oil pumps.

$600.00 plus shipping

Distributor Plugs

Finally for all of you Jesel Distributor users a plug for the stock distributor hole. Not only does it plug the hole it incorporates a intregal hold down tab.

$85.00 plus shipping


dp dplugkit
cr2 cranktrigger


Crank Trigger Kit

Tired of looking for that impossible to find timing pointer for your big block mopar? Purchase the all in one crank trigger timing pointer kit. Can be currently sold without wheel, used with ATI's new balancer trigger wheel combo or your existing wheel. MSD pick up and all hardware included.

$249.00 plus shipping



Jackson Engine Tech./BME pistons, the first purpose built superstock hemi piston. Custom designed for your application. The most durable and lightest weight piston for superstock hemi's on the market. JET/BME pistons are used in every engine built by Jackson Engine Tech., as well as in the engines of top competitors like Rick Houser/Jim DeFrank Racing, Joe Teuton, Dave Raybourn, Chuck Rayburn, Fred Henson, Larry Woo, John Rains, Randy Warford, John Baughman, Steve Kent, Wendall & Mark Howes, Joey Wilkes, Dean Mink and Harry Holton. All pistons are finished and installation ready.

$250.00 each, plus shipping